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Edward Heflin



Maria Ortega

Centurion Security Group

Armed Security Officers



An armed security officer means a natural person employed to safeguard and protect persons and property or deter theft, loss, or concealment of any tangible or intangible personal property on the premises he is contracted to protect, and who carries or has access to a firearm in the performance of his duties.


An armed security officer is any person who has the license to carry a weapon, ranging from a club and spray can to a firearm, while carrying out his duty of protecting an individual or property. Security officers usually adorn uniforms that give them high visibility and differentiate them from regular civilians. The uniforms also act to deter inappropriate or illegal action within their workplace.


Armed security officers play an important role when it comes to retrieving information needed for, say, evidence to a crime. It is they who record the particular happenings in their stations and periodically report to their superior. Reporting of activities also involves alarming the whole security team in a location in case there is violation of a rule within their premises. The officers also apprehend suspects and retain them until a time when government forces can take over the situation.

Armed security officers play an important role in operating security equipment within their stations. Video cameras, security alarms, body scanners and fire equipment are some examples of equipment they operate. Periodical testing of these pieces of equipment also qualifies under this role. Operating equipment also includes taking charge of a situation such as directing or assembling people in case of a fire, bomb threat or flooding within their stationed workplace.



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