Edward Heflin



Maria Ortega


Chief Operation Officer


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Edward Heflin



Maria Ortega

Centurion Security Group

Centurion Security Group is owned and operated by retired Military Law Enforcement & Special Operations, Miami Dade Police and finally High Value Asset Recovery Specialist personnel.  Together, we have well over 120 years of combined experience.  Our vast backgrounds include another 63 years of combined business experience, providing security related services to the private sector.


The principles and management team emphatically know and understand the importance of our mission as your potential security service provider.  We specialize in providing security and technology solutions to an array of clients by offering moderate pricing options that can accommodate most budgets.  We view pricing and options as a negotiable tool designed to partner two entities together to provide a HYBRID system that provides the best possible results.


As a matter of record, Centurion Security Group is only one of two companies that allow clients to name their own price based upon their security & concierge needs and budge.  Additionally, Centurion is the only company to provide 72 to 240 hours of FREE guard service, depending upon the level chosen.  Clients have the choice of three distinct levels of security officers and services:  Economy, Standard and Premier.  Regardless of your choice, you will receive the best in customer service and management from the Centurion team as we work tirelessly to earn your business and trust every minute of every day while, seeking to provide 100% satisfaction.


CSG was developed specifically to challenge price versus incentives, versus service, and to provide superior management & services, cutting edge technologies, timely responses, competent personnel and competitive pricing for a range of services and solutions.  We consider the cost of services as a negotiable item, once a realistic assessment is conducted and budget needs are addressed.


Whether it’s traditional armed & unarmed security or hybrid advanced guard & technologies solutions, Centurion provides the manpower and technological edge that makes a difference.  


Finally, while most competitors focus on immediate profits, Centurion focuses on Achievement, Client Satisfaction & Reputation.  Client satisfaction and our reputation, is far more valuable than dollars and cents.  By doing our part to achieve the goals and objectives set forth by our Clients, we bank something far more important than cash based gratification; Centurion establishes, builds, and banks on relationships, partnerships and long term personal and business gratifications.

We look forward to an opportunity to become your preferred security management & concierge services provider.  




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