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Maria Ortega


Chief Operation Officer


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Edward Heflin



Maria Ortega

Centurion Security Group

Centurion Security Group’s (CSG)

Mission is to:


Become the premier protection partner that provides effective multi-layered security services by incorporating innovative ideas and integrative technological solutions that can be easily customized, upgraded and optimized to adapt to the ever changing and evolving security threats.  Provided independently or in combination advance solutions with:


Uniformed security officers

Access Control

Local and Remote video monitoring

Evolving real-time technology integration


CSG delivers dedication and commitment to service, pride and professionalism in the performance of our duties, delivering modern customized technological innovations, which include well trained and qualified officers, electronic access control systems that can be integrated with technologies such as, TWIC readers, RFID-tracking systems, HD IP-Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems with remote monitoring solutions and much more.  CSG has also set a never ending goal to continue to find new ways to drive down costs, ad incentives, provide immediate responsive and extremely flexibility partnerships with clients.  


High Tech Guarding: Once new technology rolls over you, the adage goes, you’re either part of the steamroller or part of the road.  CSG is very conscious of today’s security trends and threats, and we are aware that the traditional and typical guard service is no longer the answer to modern issues and threats.


Our goal in the adoption of high technology is for our uniformed security personnel to have the most complete and up-to-date information from which to make timely and better decisions.

The endpoint: decreasing the physical footprint through broader security coverage that requires fewer uniformed guard hours, thus reducing costs while improving security.  Incident reporting and task management lets security conduct configurable data collection, workflow and analysis, ensuring compliance, collaboration and permitting organizational convergence.  E-alerts enable individuals to open a configured form to report events.  Data can trigger automatic notifications, alert responsible security professionals, and prompt human audits to escalate or archive events.  


In many respects, security guards are America’s new true first responders.  With nearly one million security officers in the United States, guards outnumber law enforcement officers and fire fighters.  Increasingly security officer tasks have greatly diversified: a dead car battery; where to buy a shirt; handling a heart attack; disarming a bank robber; protecting presidential candidates; patrolling a nuclear energy plant. These and more are included in security’s list of new and emerging officer assignments.  Centurion’s principals have been diverse for many years, including most physical and technological security-related services and we are one of the best at providing real solutions to very tough problems.


For information purposes Centurion Security Group, LLC provides you with a resume and or summary bio of its Owners.  Veteran, Minority & Women Owned, Centurion is owned and operated by Retired Military Veterans, Retired Miami–Dade PD Commissioner and Asset Recovery specialists.    America has trusted us over the years and now we ask that you trust us as well, and place your lives, family lives, property and assets in our time tested and capable hands.





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