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Centurion understands that the biggest failure of most security providers is because of inadequate or lack of consistent supervision and management.  Absent as well is adequate training.  We begin by identifying the client’s challenges, needs and available budget.  We then identify why things are not working with a current provider if any.  Each client has different needs, and within these needs is a rapidly changing environment that most security providers are slow to react to.  Outdated methods, no technology, and below average officers are primary reasons for clients being dissatisfied.    


Centurion understands that today’s guard/ concierge must be much more than a warm body.  The current security environment dictates that security must now be hybrids of tradition and technology.  CSG focuses on this need and builds programs & solutions around it and all the while remaining within a client’s budget.


Advanced Security Technologies


Advance Security Technologies

Cost is entirely up to you and your needs!


Cost is a top concern for most clients; the first question usually asked is “how much does cost?”  More important when selecting a service provider, you’ll want to know how they manage to accomplish the proposed services and provide top notch service.  You’ll want to know how the price you’re paying is justified, but more importantly, can the service provider actually perform the services proposed.  Centurion will not dictate an hourly rate to clients.  We provide pricing information and how it relates to each specific level of service; we then accept your counter-offer and provide the level of service within the three levels offered, Economy, Standard and Premier.    


IMPORTANT – if the only reason that you are looking to replace your current service provider is an attempt to avoid an annual rate increase… DON’T!  All security service providers need marginal increases to retain good quality personnel that are providing you with reliable service.  Go back to item the first item on this list and rethink yourself.  

As represented, Centurion can accommodate most any budgets and level of service needed.  If your account requires a Premier level guard, then it is very unlikely that any security provider can address you security requirements with an Economy or Standard level guard.  The following information is provided as a guideline and to give you a realistic perspective of what you can expect from each level of guard service.  Final pricing is influenced by many factors, including total number of hours per week, geographical location, the environment and basic necessities where the services will be provided and the particulars of your account.

Economy level guards usually possess minimum training and skill levels.  Their communication skills are usually below those of guards at the Standard and Premier levels.  Knowledge of alarms systems, access control systems, security cameras and similar technologies is not as reliable at the Economy level.  Reliability in this category is below average to poor in the lower end of the hourly rate.  This level of service is recommended when a client’s budget is minimal and for accounts that do not require much interaction with the general public, residents, clients, vendors or merchants.  Typical the Economy level guard service would be used at raw construction sites where the guard is assigned to keep trespassers, vandal or burglars out during the night and where interaction and communication with others is minimal.  Supervision is usually a good measure to increase the performance level of this category of guards.   


Standard level guards usually possess average training and skill levels.  Language and/or communication skills are average to above average.  Knowledge of alarms panels, access control & security systems, security camera systems and similar technologies is usually reliable with prior proper in-service training and site supervision.  Reliability in this category is average to very good in particular at the higher end of the hourly rate.  This level of service is recommend to a variety of clients who require guards to interact with the general public, residents, vendors and merchants.  Typical the Standard level service include many residential communities, shopping centers, office buildings, commercial accounts and government entities.  Generally direct supervision is less needed at this level, but Road Supervision is provided. 


Premier level guards possess above average to excellent training skill levels and should be able to grasp the objectives of their mission with minimal training.  Communication skills are above average to excellent.  Knowledge of the latest security and safety systems and technologies is expected at the Premier level.  Reliability tends to be excellent.  We generally recommend the Premier level for discriminating clients who require a consistent high level of service.  Typically the Premier level service include upscale residential communities and luxury condominiums, class A office building, commercial accounts that employ state-of-the are security systems, certain government contracts and accounts requiring armed guards. 


Remote/Virtual Guarding


Remote/Virtual Escort


CCTV Installations


Camera & Surveillance System Monitoring


Public & Hidden Camera Installations


Armed and Unarmed Security


Crisis Management


Security Assessment & Testing


ID Scanning Solutions


Outside Overt & Covert Staff Monitoring


Gatehouse & Roving Patrol


Access Control Systems


Loss Prevention Security


Executive Protection


High Value Asset Protection


Escort & Transport Security


Event Security


Surveillance & Investigations


Employee Background Checks


Private Asset GPS Anti-Theft Protection (tracking devices)

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